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If you have problems with unwanted hair, you are definitely not alone.

For some of us it’s an occasional nuisance, but for others, it has more serious consequences, such as irritated skin, frequent breakouts, and endless maintenance.

If you are tired of dealing with unwanted hair, there is something you can do about it. Electrolysis offers you a permanent solution, and works for any type and color of skin and hair.

It is safe and effective when performed by a trained and licensed professional, and is recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as the only method of hair removal proven to be permanent.

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Many people who try electrolysis have already been frustrated by trying just about everything else. When they start to see what a difference it can make, many say they wish they’d gotten around to doing it sooner.

A sample treatment allows you to experience for yourself how the process works, and gives us an idea of how much area can be covered in a given amount of time. Having the opportunity to get all your questions answered will help you feel confident in deciding if electrolysis is right for you.

Why Choose Electrolysis?

Unwanted hair is actually the “symptom” of an unwanted follicle, and merely destroying the hair does not address the cause of the problem: unless the follicle itself is destroyed, it will simply continue to create “replacement” hairs. Temporary methods of hair removal – such as shaving, clipping, plucking, and waxing – all have one thing in common: they give immediate results, but because they’re unable to do anything about the follicle, they can not address the source of the problem.

Many people are surprised to learn that electrolysis is not a new procedure; it was developed by an eye doctor in 1875, to help patients troubled by ingrown eyelashes.

It is the only method of hair removal recognized by the FDA as permanent, and is effective to use on any type and color of hair and skin.

In Oregon, all practicing electrologists must be licensed and participate in Continuing Education in order to maintain their status.  Practitioners also have the option of membership in professional organizations, such as the American Electrology Association and the Oregon Association of Licensed Electrologists.

Electrolysis is safe and permanent when performed by a trained and licensed professional, and physicians and dermatologists often make referrals to electrologists for their patients who are dealing with unwanted hair. Although it does require some commitment on your part, it should be considered time and money well-spent, because each treatment brings you one step closer to your goal of having smooth, hair-free skin.

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