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How Long Does It Take and
Why Do I Have to Come Back?

Because most of the follicles are dormant at any one point in time, we can only treat the ones that are active at the time of the appointment.

This is why a series of treatments over a period of time is necessary in order to successfully eliminate the unwanted hair.

If you start seeing new hairs coming in only a week or two after your last treatment, it is important to remember that they are not from the same follicles that were just treated.

In general, it takes one and one-half to two years for all the follicles to have a chance to go through their life cycles.  This estimate is based on a pattern of consistent treatment, in the sense that treatments are scheduled often enough to keep up with the new growth.

Although this may sound like a long time, you will start to see significant results long before then, as the hair growth begins to thin out and slow down.

Being consistent with your treatments will definitely produce the quickest and most satisfying results for you.

As you continue your treatments and make progress, your sessions will become shorter and spaced further apart.




Does Electrolysis Hurt?

This is a common concern, but most people are pleasantly surprised to find that the discomfort of electrolysis is not as bad as they had feared.

Sensitivity differs among individuals, and can even vary within the same person from one treatment session to the next.  It can be affected by things like stress, medication, and caffeine.  Sensitivity will also vary between different areas of the body.
At Alter Image, every treatment is individualized, and topical anesthetics are available to maximize your comfort.  You can even bring in your favorite music to help you relax.

You can also apply long-acting anaesthetics – usually lidocaine-based – which are available over the counter or by mail; one such product is Topicaine (LINK)

Customized mixtures can also be obtained through a compounding pharmacy, usually by prescription only.



New Growth vs. Regrowth


Most follicles are eliminated the first time they are treated….